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Most of us are aware that Photography can be a niche hobby and it can be difficult to pick a present they will enjoy! It can be hard to think about what photography gifts to buy someone!

Should you get the a new camera or a lens? Or get them a more fun gift like a mug or a novelty t-shirt?

This article will help you on your way to finding some cool photography gifts that they will love!

Moment Lenses

Moment are a large company that sell photography gear to creatives. You can consider them as effectively a one-stop shop for all your photography needs.

But their particular strong point is in selling their own smartphone lenses. They are regarded as one of the best companies that make premium high-quality lenses for both Android phones and iPhones.

They are well established and they also sell their own camera app for both IOS and Android, allowing you to make better us of your new Moment Lenses with full manual control over you ISO and Shutter Speed.

If you are looking for a photography gift that will allow someone to take better photos with their smartphone, Moment are the company to buy from!

Different types of Lenses Moment sell

Moment Wide Lens: This is an 18mm lens that attaches to your phone via a case made by Moment. It is a wide-angle lens meaning it will allow the photographer to fit more into the picture without introducing too much distortion into the images. This lens is great for everyday snaps, street photography and landscape photography.

Moment Macro Lens: This macro lens allows you to get up close to your subject. You can get as close as even a few centimetres away from your subject. This lens is best for shooting nature, leaves and small textures and details within everyday objects like newspapers or door handles, for example.

Moment Fisheye lens: This 14mm lens will give you a distorted look in your images and will allow you to fit more in your snaps. This is great for giving a certain effect or for wide angle videography but be warned – it can be very distorted

These are just a few example of the lenses they sell and there are certainly more to take a look at such as the Moment Tele Lens or the Moment Anamorphic Lens for filmmaking!

A Moment Lens is ideal for any photographer who is looking to take their Mobile Photography to the next level, but it may be an expensive gift for some as one lens can cost you around £80-£150.

But despite this it is well worth the cost and it will allow you to take some excellent photos without having to splash out the cash for a fancy new DSLR Camera!

Splend Camera Lens Coffee Mug

What better photography gift to get the Photographer in your life than their very own coffee mug shaped just like a camera lens. This cool-looking Splend Camera Lens mug even has a screw-on top that looks just like the glass on a camera lens.

It is safe for you to put liquids in and it even has a tumbler sucker so you can fix the cup to a flat surface and you won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee all over other people nearby!

It also comes with a stirring spoon and it can hold up to 320ml of liquid in a single cup.

Overall, this is a really cool gift that your recipient will love and cherish, particularly if they are a photography addict!

Peak Design Tech Pouch

This photography gift will be particularly helpful in allowing them to organise their camera gear.

Peak Design are another well-known company that make and sell their own photography gear to hobbyists and content creators alike.

This pouch contain 21 elasticated pouches and another central area big enough to even fit a Nintendo Switch in!

It also contains a small hole allowing you to charge your phone on the go through a power bank that you can slot inside the tech pouch. It also contain small slots for your SD cards, which is ideal for storing all you photos from different photoshoots in the same place.

The bag is also made of a high-quality nylon and polyester which is easy to wash and very durable so it will cope well with a lot of use over a long period of time.

This is an awesome gift to give to somebody who may need a little help with organising all of their gear! Once they see all of the pockets and the extra nooks and crannies within the pouch, they’ll instantly love this gift!

50mm F/1.8 Lens

While this may not be a small gift you would typically get for somebody, it is very cheap compared to other lenses and as such I thought it would be worth mentioning it in this post.

A 50mm lens is ideal for somebody who has started taking photos with their DSLR but they want to move up from just using their kit lens!

This 50mm F/1.8 lens has a very fast F/1.8 aperture, allowing you to shoot in both broad daylight and very late at night.

The 50mm focal length means that it is roughly similar to what the human eye would see, meaning the photos taken with this lens look a little more like we would see in terms of field of view.

A 50mm lens is very versatile and will allow you to shoot different types of photography, such as:

  • Portrait Photography (Particularly helpful for snapping shots of your loved ones or pets)
  • Street Photography (Shallow depth of field allows you to draw attention to the subject)
  • Architecture Photography (50mm focal length lets you fill the entire frame with a texture or pattern that may be visible on a building)
  • Night Photography (Wide F/1.8 Aperture lets in lots of light which makes this lens excellent in lowlight scenarios)

What’s even better is that most 50mm lenses can be found new for less than £100 meaning you can pick up this lens without it breaking the bank!

Aputure MC RBG Light

This is an excellent gift for any budding photographer as it is a small, yet powerful mini cube that gives them an extra source of light wherever they go!

What makes this product even better is that it is not only small and portable but it is also an RGB Light, too!

This RGB light enables the photographer to pick any colour they can think of to use as a source of light!

This enables them to be artistic and one great use of this is for light trails or long exposure shots so they can create some really cool effects!

You can also use it for portrait photography and create a dual-tone picture, too!

I’ll admit, it is a bit pricey at around £100 but it is worth it for all of the features and the RBG capabilities!

It is also one of those gifts that will always be in use as light is essential to taking great photographs so be rest assured that if you buy this light for a photographer, they’ll rarely stop using it and it will not end up gathering dust in a spare drawer!

Any other gifts we missed?

In this post we listed some of the best photography gifts to give someone that they will actually use! Are there any gifts we missed out on that you think are worthy of mentioning? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Feel free to check out our other articles, too!

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