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These blogging income reports detail my earnings and traffic for my blog over the past month, during my fourth month blogging.

I also report insights to any major updates I have made to this blog.

This blog report details my income and traffic during my fourth month of blogging.

Why I Publish Blog Income Reports

While it may seem odd to publish the details of my traffic and earnings online for everyone to see, it is a tradeoff worth accepting in exchange for transparency.

At Photospire, I want to ensure I am transparent and honest with you all.

I never publish these income reports to brag or to show off – only to show you what is possible with a small blog, hard work and lots of determination.

In a world full of online entrepreneurs and blogging “experts” looking to snatch your hard-earned cash off you, it can be very hard to tell who’s the real deal and who’s not.

A lot of the time, they will promote dodgy and scammy products to make a quick buck, without actually trying out the product or testing to make sure it works properly.

The same applies to the photography niche. Lots of photography bloggers will promote expensive gear and fancy software you don’t really need or worse, is downright poor quality.

They will often hide the negatives of photography and try to get you to set unrealistic expectations.

As a result, they fail to be honest with you and won’t show you the downsides and negatives of blogging and photography.

This is what I aim to combat with these blog income reports. I want to show you the behind-the-scenes of what goes on at Photoaspire and explain my successes and failures along my blogging journey.

I hope that the honesty I provide through my successes and failures with Photoaspire helps to motivate and inspire you through your blogging or photography journey as well.

Feel free to comment below where you’re at with your blogging journey or where you are with your photography. I’d love to hear back from you 🙂

New Blog Posts Published This Month – 0 Posts

In April, I was short on time as I had a lot of different things going on.

Due to this, I was unable to write any new blog posts and struggled to find the time to do this. Again, not ideal, however, all was not lost.

I went back over some of my older blog posts and started optimising them for SEO. This includes tasks such as:

  • Adding New Images To Show Better Photography Examples
  • Adding New Headers & Breaking Up The Content
  • Adding Highlights To Make Important Sentences Stand Out
  • Adding Convertkit Shortcodes To Gain More Subscribers To My Email List

All of these small tasks and edits will make a big difference in the long term when it comes to readability and SEO.

Next month I will optimise more blog posts and look at writing some new ones, too!

If you have any topic ideas for any photography-related blog posts you want me to write about, please let me know via email or in the comments below. 

This way I know what YOU want to see from me.

This means my content can be more relevant to the needs of my readers.

Blog Traffic – 152 Visitors

This month, I was pleased to see my blog traffic become more consistent.

This is in part thanks to Pinterest. I have started uploading more Pinterest Pins and I am starting to see some promising results.

As a result, Google Analytics has shown an uptick in traffic for this month. This month I have received 152 users, which is equivalent to roughly 5 users/day.

Blog Traffic My Fourth Month Blogging Google Analytics Screenshot

You can also see that the traffic is starting to become consistent. This is a good sign and shows that I am starting to gain an influx of consistent visitors on a daily basis.

By consistently uploading 1-3 Pinterest Pins/Day, I am receiving 5-10 users a day. Pinterest is where I am receiving the vast majority of my traffic from and it is important to consider that I have currently received very little SEO traffic.

While this may be an insignificant figure compared to some of the biggest bloggers on the net (Some of whom receive over 10,000 visitors/day), it shows that I am starting to get consistent traffic and this is good.

Once you start getting a trickle of traffic, it is so much easier to scale up and increase your site revenue and growth.

While it takes some time in the beginning, all of the efforts will be worth it. It pays off in the long term to be prepared from the beginning.

Pinterest Traffic – 95 Visitors

Pinterest has accounted for most of my traffic this month.

I have been taking Pinterest far more seriously since late march last month and the effort is starting to pay off (you can follow my Pinterest Page Here if you wish)

As you can tell from the Google Analytics screenshot, Pinterest has sent me 95 visitors this month.

This shows that Pinterest is sending a reliable and consistent volume of traffic and I look forward to seeing this traffic grow in the near future.

I have also received 26,810 impressions on my pins in the last month, although this metric is only tracking how many times people have seen a pin of mine on Pinterest, not whether they have actually clicked through to my blog.

Pinterest Pin Impressions My Fourth Month Blogging Pinterest Analytics Screenshot

This is very good to see and it shows that pinning consistently and on a regular basis is paying off.

My “strategy” for Pinterest is quite simple. Create 2-4 pins per blog post and upload them over a week or so.

I then make sure my pins have keyworded descriptions and they are pinned to keyworded boards that have other relevant, ranking third-party pins.

While I will not get thousands and thousands of visitors to my blog overnight, it is a great way to start getting a few clicks right away.

Due to algorithm updates in 2020 and 2021, Pinterest is turning more and more into Google in the sense that Pins are not necessarily “ranking” or “indexing” instantly.

Now it takes about 8 months or so to start seeing large amounts of traffic pour into the website.

While this is a bit of a shame because it was SO much easier to gain traffic on Pinterest a few years ago, it doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on Pinterest altogether.

I will keep sticking with the plan and adapt and pivot if necessary. It will be interesting to see how this pinning strategy progresses in the coming months.

Email Subscribers – 10 Subscribers (+2)

To many bloggers, email subscribers are seen as the holy grail of fans.

When you have people visiting your blog, not all of them will instantly become raving fans.

And that’s perfectly fine!

Some of your visitors will read an article and then leave, others may read a few of your articles and then check back once in a while. And finally, the last group will read your article and subscribe to your email list.

You ideally want as many people as possible to be in that third category – You NEED email subscribers if you want to be successful and make money blogging.

Most of your big-ticket affiliate sales and later, your eCourse sales, will be from your email list. This is why I have been trying my best to grow my mailing list.

In order to do this, I have been offering an opt-in freebie so that value is provided upfront.

Long gone are the days where you can slap up a pop-up with big text screaming “Join my newsletter”.

You need to provide value upfront to your reader. For the photography niche, this can be done via video tutorials, checklists and Lightroom editing tutorials, etc.

At the moment, I am testing a variety of different opt-in freebies to ensure that I am providing you all with the best value upfront.

Email Subscribers Gained My Fourth Month Blogging Convertkit Analytics Screenshot

This month, I have gained 2 NEW subscribers.

This now takes me to a total of 10 subscribers.

Email subscribers are by far the most difficult to gain. People must be willing to place a large amount of trust in you if they are to hand over their email address. This is no doubt due to the copious amounts of spam lots of us receive to our inboxes on a daily basis.

But, if you stick at it and you keep testing out new opt-in freebies, you will eventually hit the nail on the head and gain more subscribers.

Once you have found the perfect freebie after consistent testing, you can then focus on increasing conversion rates and scaling up your subscribers.

For me, I am still testing out different freebies at the moment. But, once I find the freebies that work best for you all, I will then move onto scaling up the email subscribers and gaining more loyal readers to my site.

Income From My Fourth Month Blogging – £0

Just like last month, I have earned nothing. And that’s not the end of the world at all.

Again, monetisation is not the most important task for me at the moment.

When you’re in the early stages of blogging, you’re being pulled in all directions.

This has also happened to me and it can be a real pain, particularly when you’re trying to keep focus on one task at a time.

Writing blog posts, setting up email funnels, optimising posts for SEO, creating Pinterest pins, creating affiliate links and articles, outreach to other bloggers etc.

There is a hell of a lot of work to do and blogging involves multitasking. So, I might be writing a blog post and uploading pins one night and then writing emails and creating new pns the next day.

As a result, monetisation is not at the top of my priorities at the moment.

I believe it is better to have a solid foundation of content and a successful email funnel before setting up ads and affiliate links. If you try and monetise too early and immediately think about the money, you’ll fall flat on your face.

Once I do start adding links, ads and sales funnels however, the income will increase.

I will do this by using email funnels, amazon affiliates, sponsored posts and display ads.

But for now, I’m just keeping my head down and writing lots of content and new blog posts.

This will probably be a pattern for my goals for the next few months of blogging as I believe it is best to build up a repertoire of content before trying to add monetisation into the mix.

My Blogging Goals For Next Month

Just like this month and the month before, I am going to continue to keep my head down and keep writing content. I will also look at optimising old blog posts and doing more in-depth SEO research for future posts.

I am not going to jump into monetisation immediately, however, I will look at writing more review-style posts and products guides to help you decide what photography products are best for your needs.

Thanks for reading my latest income report and I hope the transparency and brutal honesty has helped you on your blogging or photography journey, too. See you in the next one 🙂

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