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Well, here is the next blog income report. I can’t believe I have been blogging for two months now. It’s insane and very exciting to see how this is going to pan out over the next few months. I am looking forward to this.

This month my earnings went down a little however I am still very happy with the overall results. I am still working hard at this by producing more posts and by planning my next steps, particularly with generating traffic.

If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you go and take a little time to go and read my previous blog income and traffic report which covered my progress during my first-month blogging:

How I Earned £31.50 My First Month Blogging

Once you’ve read this then come back to this post and see how I did this month.

If you are wondering why I am publishing blog income reports, here are some of my thoughts as to why:

  1. To hold myself accountable. This way I can motivate myself and it forces me to keep working on the site and remaining productive, even when I don’t want to be. We all have good and bad days however it is important that I remain consistent wherever possible.
  2. To track my progress. I want to use these income reports to track my progress over time and to see how far I have come. They also help me to find out what I need to improve and how I can do that. For example, if my traffic is low for one month I can use this information to work out why.
  3. To show you proof that making passive income online is possible. Another reason for writing up this income report is to prove to you guys that making money online is doable. That it is not pie in the sky. If you put the work and effort in, you will reap the rewards.

I would just like to clarify, this is not for bragging. I do not intend to do this to show off or to make you feel worse, this is simply to prove that with some hard work, effort and dedication you can definitely make money online.

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Now with all that out of the way, let’s jump right into this blog income report…

My Total Income For My Second Month Blogging: £22.31

Some of you may have noticed that this is lower than last month.

Just as I did last month, I earned a lot of my money from Medium, a blogging website. This is so that I am able to earn some cash immediately while I am trying to build up this site.

When writing on this platform my main topics are photography (obviously), technology, entrepreneurship and science. If you’d like to, go and check out my Medium page and give me a follow if you wish.

medium february mpp earnings

As you can see, this is displayed in dollars. Because I am based in the UK, I convert my earnings into pounds. In this case, I have earned £22.31.

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I am very happy with this and I am impressed with my progress so far. Every little bit adds up and I can see that this will definitely increase with hard work and consistency in the future.

Last month I mentioned that I published some articles on Vocal. media and I earned a very little amount of cash for that. This month I received no further views and I did not publish any articles this month at all.

I will definitely use Vocal. media more in the future but for now it is more important for me to focus on writing content for this blog.

Next month, I am going to try and start driving some traffic via Pinterest and hopefully, my earnings will start to increase. I will keep you updated on my efforts in doing this in next month’s income report.

Next up I am going to discuss my blog traffic for this month and see how that has been going…

Total Website Traffic For My Second Month Blogging: 124 Pageviews

Unfortunately, my traffic has gone down this month.

Unlike last month where I had a rapid surge of traffic on launch day, this has not happened. I instead have had a more consistent stream of traffic however it has gone down overall across the entire month.

feb med stats google analytics website traffic

It is still not consistent traffic however it is improving and hopefully in March I will start to see the point where I no longer have any days with zero views.

Just like last month a lot of this traffic was gained from social traffic and from direct traffic. I want to particularly focus on the traffic from Pinterest and next month I am going to double down on this.

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I am also going to add in my email subscribers from this month and while this is definitely a longer-term project it would be great to see this increase over time…

Total Email Subscribers For My Second Month Blogging: 6 Subscribers

And last but not least we have my email subscribers.

This is where people subscribe to my photography course and they go through the 7-day course.

I am still remaining at 6 subscribers and I am struggling a little to get some new subscribers.

email subscribers january 2021

However, what I do know is that getting subscribers will take a little more time than with other traffic generating methods. This involves building up trust with the reader and I know that if someone subscribes to your email list, they are definitely a big fan of you.

Once I start getting some more subscriptions coming through I will take a look at any feedback I have received and see how my free course can be improved and what to do.

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But for now, I am going to try and improve my traffic and see how this will impact my email subscriber list.

My Goals and Targets For This Website

I think it is important to have a rough outline of what you want to achieve and this theory is no different to my website.

Here are a few goals I am going to set myself and try to meet over the next few months:

  • Setup my Pinterest account properly and focus on traffic generation
  • Continue to write on Medium and build up a following
  • Reach 500 pageviews in March 2021/£10 income directly from this blog
  • Reach 1,500 pageviews in April 2021/£20 income directly from this blog
  • Reach 3,000 pageviews in May 2021/£30 income directly from this blog

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this income report. I look forward to publishing updates in the future and I hope you take some time to read some of my photography articles.

Feel free to comment your thoughts below and I’ll happily get back to you.


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