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Unusual, unique and extraordinary product photos are what makes the brand stand out from the crowd.

If you want more customers you will need to create some amazing product photographs that grab their attention and make them want to buy the goods.

If you are struggling to come up with some ideas on how to do this, this article will give you much-needed inspiration.

Even if you are not a product photographer you can use these tips to create your own product photography for fun. You can also take some of these ideas and incorporate them into different photos of your own.

To help get you fired up and inspired, here are some epic product photography ideas that’ll help you get started.

Product Photography Ideas

Idea #1: One second before

This idea is simple but so effective, particularly if your specific product involves a lot of motion.

What you need to do is capture the product in use right before something unexpected occurs.

For example, you could get a shot of an explosion, fall or something being poured out of a cup. It helps to make the product seem relatable to the viewer and it helps for them to sort of see how they would use a certain product.

Plus, it looks pretty cool and it would definitely make you stand out from the competition, many of which show their products in a static state.

Idea #2: Use some smoke

smoke product photography example

Unlike many of the other ideas featured in the article, this one is relatively simple. You add smoke to your product to make it look more dramatic and contrasting.

You can do this in two ways:

  • You can buy a smoke machine and activate it during the product photoshoot, or;
  • You can add a smoke effect on top of your picture in Adobe Photoshop

I would personally do it in the actual shoot however if you didn’t have the resources or the time to do so, using an effect will serve you well also.

Idea #3: Floating Products

You may or may not have seen this in some adverts where the objects/products appear to be floating.

This project may take a little longer but it will definitely be worth it once you see the final results.

What you will need to do is grab some rope or string to help the product to float off the ground and then take the picture, remembering to angle the shot so that the object the string and product are hanging from does not appear in the frame.

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After taking the product you plug the picture into Photoshop or Lightroom and then edit out the rope lines in the background and then, voila.

Your floating product photo will be finished.

Idea #4: Smashed or Broken Product

smashed egg shell product photography example

This is a specific idea for many product photos and a lot of companies decide not to use this idea. The concept is simple but the execution can be difficult.

You grab a product, smash it and then take a photo. But, you can run into some potential difficulties if you are trying to do this with liquid products or fragile products.

My personal opinion is that the best way to do this is to take the shot of the product right after it is smashed. Product photos look most appealing when they portray the product as being smashed literally right before the photo was taken.

If you can execute this idea properly the results will be worth it and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Idea #5: Use some reflection

architecture skyscraper photography example

To best achieve this effect, use a smooth plain cover that is very reflective as the surface.

For example, you could use a ceramic tile or a mirror. Just be mindful of the lighting scenario around you.

To get the best image possible I would suggest you be considerate of the angle you are shooting from and make sure that you get the lighting correct to get the very best reflection possible.

Idea #6: Product Absorption

This type of product photography involves taking a photo of your product when you have placed it in water, sand, powder or a solid of some sort.

You can do this with small solids that are related to the theme of your product. For example, you could get a box of small, soft colourful balls and then place down a pair of sneakers in that box.

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It helps to make the product stand out while also using the colour scheme of the objects absorbing the product to help make the product photo stand out.

Idea #7: A series of products

This idea helps to provide context to your product when the customer looks at the image.

Having a series of products helps the customer to put into perspective how they would interact with that product and how they would use them on a regular basis.

To do this, you need to pick the main product that you are promoting. Then you pick a set of surrounding products that relate to the main product to feature in a photo.

For example, you could be promoting a camping tent. To pull off this idea successfully, you promote the tent as the central product and you use accessories like pumps, beds and camping tables to help demonstrate how you would most likely use the product.

Just be warned that you may need more space to pull off this idea but it is worth it when you get the end result.

Idea #8: Use a macro shot

macro photography example

Macro shots are unusual and they offer an alternate perspective view of the product. This is what makes them so appealing to customers. You are offering them an alternative view of a product they may otherwise not see.

For maximum results, you should shoot using a macro lens when you want to amplify the detail in a product with a certain texture.

Coffee shots and fabric shots are great examples of products you could shoot with a macro lens. This is one of those product photography ideas which is appealing to customers and it would certainly catch their attention.

Idea #9: Humanise your product

If you are looking to use your product photos to show the customer how they could use the product, you should give this a try.

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To humanise your product you need to add a human element to the photo. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Add a prop
  • Have a human hand holding your product
  • Have a human in the picture
  • Show the condition of the product after being used by someone

If you are looking to have your campaign or photoshoot relate to the reader it is important that you add that human element.

I hope you enjoyed these product photography ideas. Feel free to comment your thoughts down below and let me know what you think of these ideas.

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