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Despite what you may think there is no magic bullet to getting amazing photos with your iPhone. Some people even work for years trying to nail and master the basics of iPhone photography. These photography tips for iPhone however will really help to get you started.

But what you really need are a few fundamental rules to follow and you will be well on your way to taking some amazing photos.

In this article, you will learn 12 tips that every iPhone user needs to know to start taking some amazing photos. These will help you to capture photos that will wow your friends and family.

iPhone Photography Tips

Keep Your Photos Simple

This is one of the best ways to instantly up your photography game.

Many times people who shoot with their phones overcomplicate their photos.

By adding more objects and subjects into your photo you risk overcomplicating the scene. Then, when someone looks at your pictures they will feel perplexed and unsure of where their eyes should be drawn too.

One strong subject is all you need to take an amazing photo. If you can then capture that subject from an interesting angle, you’re good to go.

This is a great tip to abide by if you are starting out with your photography. You can use this tip to create stunning photos without having to feel overwhelmed by all of the subjects and objects you would otherwise have in your photo.

You can practice this at home by grabbing an object and placing it on a table. Then move your camera around and take pictures of that object from different angles. See which photos you like the most and think about why that is.

If you can try this out with different objects and subjects on a regular basis then you will definitely be on the way to photography success.

Shoot from a lower angle

large grand architectural building

One thing I have always noticed is the sheer number of people who shoot with their phone solely from their chest height.

This is most likely because it is the most convenient way to take a photograph.

However, there are usually much more intriguing and creative ways to capture a photograph, and one of these is by crouching down.

By taking just a few extra seconds to crouch down, you will be surprised at the number of composition opportunities you will open yourself and your camera up to.

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When you crouch down, you are making buildings and objects around you look far bigger and more imposing than they actually are. This makes the photo more interesting and it will certainly capture the attention of your viewer more likely than a picture taken at chest height.

I would personally recommend you give this a try when you are near a tall building or object. For example, give this a try outside a skyscraper in NYC or a large palm tree in LA.

One thing for sure, your photos will instantly look far more appealing by following this simple rule.

Use some symmetry in your pictures

symmetrical tunnel

Symmetry is a fun and engaging way to create an awe-inspiring image.

Whenever you go somewhere you should set yourself a challenge to find symmetry in the objects around you.

Once you have found a symmetrical object, you should compose your image in a way that makes both halves of the object look identical.

Try and do this with architecture if you can. A lot of man-made structures are designed to be symmetrical.

I can guarantee you that this will be a fun way to capture some interesting snaps with your phone. Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Swipe on the lock screen for easy access to the camera

I am pretty sure some of you will know this one but I am still recommending it regardless because of how useful it is.

Instead of having to wait for your fingerprint to work or to type in your passcode and then press on the camera app, there is a much simpler way to open the camera up quickly.

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If you turn on your lock screen and swipe to the left, you will immediately find that your camera app is open.

All of the usual features are there and better yet, it means that if someone were to snatch your phone they would be unable to get into it and pressing the home button will take them back to the lock screen.

The only difference is you cannot see any photos taken previously in this mode. This is to protect your privacy.

Give the self-timer a try

pocket timer in hand

If you are looking to take a picture of yourself and you want to get yourself into the frame, this shutter timer mode may be very helpful to you.

In the camera app, you will see a little clock on the top bar next to other options like the live photo mode.

You can set this timer at 3 or 10 seconds. I recommend you use the 10-second feature because 3 seconds will not be enough time for you to run from the camera to the scene.

By doing this and using the rear camera instead of the selfie camera, you will get a higher-quality photo with better focus and sharper detail.

It will also most likely be at a higher 12MP resolution also.

Try out different shooting modes

While this will not directly help you with your photography, it will help you to explore new options and try out some new features.

Not only are you able to take photos with your iPhone, but there is also a multitude of other features designed to help you get the best picture.

These include slow-mo, timelapse, panorama, square photo, filters and more.

What I would suggest you do is next time you go and take some photographs, try out one of these features.

You could try and get a slow-mo of the crashing waves down at the beach, for example. Or you could take a timelapse of the sun going down outside your garden.

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You could then try and boost the colours by slapping on a filter.

These are just a few examples of the ways you can try out new features and improve your photos.

Let me know what you think of this and let me know what your favourite feature is down below in the comments section.

Drag the exposure slider down to prevent your photos from getting overexposed

This tip is so simple yet extremely useful.

When you are using your camera app you may notice a little yellow square pop up around your subject.

This is the focus and exposure slider.

You can drag it up or down to adjust the brightness of the image.

The more you drag the slider up, the brighter your image will be.

The further you drag your slider down, the darker your image will be. This is very helpful in high contrast situations where there are a lot of bright spots and a lot of very dark spots.

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What I would suggest you do is always underexpose your photos a little. Even if your image maybe a little darker than you liked it means that all of the images will be properly and evenly exposed.

To do this you should tap on the subject until a yellow square is around it. Then, you drag the slider down until the photo is evenly exposed. And voila! Your evenly exposed photo is now done.

I Hope These Photography Tips For iPhone Have Helped You Out

I hope this article helps you out and I hope it will help you to take amazing photos with your iPhone.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this and I will happily get back to you.

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