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You’re in the right place if you are looking for some awesome photography project ideas.

I understand. Photography can sometimes feel like a chore. It can drain you. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

We all have times where we feel like we lack creativity. But we can overcome this. And one way to do this is with a targeted, motivational photography project.

The reason for this is that working towards a project will give you a sense of purpose. It helps to make you feel like you are working towards something. You are using your time productively.

It will also help to show off what you are capable of. You can use your completed project just like a portfolio and this may come in handy for job applications, competitions, etc.

If you are struggling to come up with an idea for a project, don’t worry. Here are 7 photography projects that will help get you out of a creative slump and fired up again.

Or, if you just want to become more intentional and productive with your photography and set yourself something to work towards, these ideas will come in handy, too.

7 Photography Projects to Get you Motivated and Inspired With Your Photography

Project Idea #1: All about the details

ring details macro

This project will help you to appreciate smaller, hidden details in life you may not notice on a daily basis.

Create a collection of shots with unique subjects that focus on the details. These details can be big or small. When it comes to humans, for example, you can take pictures of the details in someone’s eye, hair or skin. Just make sure your subject is happy with you doing this and they are comfortable while you are taking the shot.

Another idea would be to do with everyday objects. Take a close-up of some coffee powder, insects, fruit and vegetables, leaves, etc. Just remember to keep the focus on the natural and hidden details that surround us in our daily lives.

This is one of those photography project ideas that help you to stay grounded and focused on the natural world around us. Completing this kind of project will help you to become more mindful of the environment around you and it will help you to learn how to photograph it without harming your surroundings.

If you really wanted to you could consider buying a macro lens to help you do this. However, I would urge you not to stage the photos or edit them excessively.

Remember the word ‘natural’ suggests you should try and refrain from manipulating your photos as much as possible.

Project Idea #2: Pet Photography

Pets are amazing. They bring so much joy to our families.

So, what better thing to do than photograph them and even create an album or portfolio around them.

Whether you’ve got a cat, dog, horse or any pet for that matter, photographing them can be one of the most fun things to do.

When you do this, just remember not to frighten them. Try not to turn on the flash in their eyes and if they are scared of cameras, take this into consideration.

This will be no doubt great fun to do and by photographing them you will have some amazing memories to look at over and over again.

Project Idea #3: Cityscapes

nyc cityscape sunset

Soaring skyscrapers and beautiful buildings are key parts of what makes a skyline so attractive. If you are into your urban and street photography, this is definitely a project to give a try.

For this kind of project, you can either centre it around your hometown or you can go to different cities and create a portfolio of different city skylines.

For maximum effect, I suggest you go to different vantage points in your cities to get the most diverse pictures possible.

Try shooting from below looking up above. How about from a hill?

Prepare for an after sunset shot if you want the city lights to pop against the dark sky.

I would also suggest you use a wide-angle lens when taking your shots. This will enable you to fit in as much of the skyline as possible and it will make for a great panoramic photo.

Project Idea #4: Seasons

Unlike many of the other projects mentioned in this article, this project requires a little more planning and co-ordinating.

The aim of this project is to create a series of photos that compare what a place/area looks like in all 4 seasons of the year.

To do this you must be able to return to the same place in all 4 seasons of the year but if you can commit to this and successfully stick to the project the rewards will be massive.

You will have a portfolio that is diverse and like none other as it documents a story behind how a place changes throughout the different seasons.

I would suggest using different lenses so you can capture all of the key aspects of each season. For example, a macro lens can be used to capture leaves and wildlife while a telephoto lens can capture the beauty of the buildings from afar.

Project Idea #5: A-Z Photography

& lightbox yellow

This project is an interesting one.

The concept behind it is simple. You capture a photo of an object or place that resembles a letter in the alphabet. This is repeated until you end up with a picture for each letter of the alphabet.

The challenge comes in finding an object or subject that resembles each of these letters. This can be challenging for some letters such as ‘Q’ but once you have taken all of the pictures needed, the end result will be very satisfying.

I would also suggest using a variety of lenses so you can better find pictures in different places, whether that is on large buildings or nestled deep in wildlife areas.

Project Idea #6: 30 Strangers

This project in particular is designed to help you step out of your comfort zone.

This project involves taking 30 portraits of people you have never met before. It is important to ask for consent before you take the photos and posting publically.

To take these photos you can go anywhere however you are more likely to find people in town centres, shopping malls and community activities.

By taking part in this project you will be developing key communication skills. These will enable you to ask for permission and tell the subject what you want them to do.

These skills will come in handy if you ever decide to do photoshoots or if you want to run your own photography business.

Your best bet for this type of photography is to use a telephoto lens. A 50mm lens is a good choice and for beginners, it is cheap and relatively easy to use.

Project Idea #7: Polaroids

polaroid on blue background

Unlike the rest of the ideas on this list, this one will involve using a Polaroid camera or an instant camera.

When you are creating a collection of Polaroids remember to switch up your subjects and perspectives. This will result in a diversified portfolio that really shows off your capabilities and the capabilities of your Polaroid.

With this project, you can shoot anything you want. Humans, landscapes, pets, food etc. If you wanted to you can even do a mix of all of these categories.

For best results, I suggest you shoot in broad daylight. This way you will keep noise levels in your pictures to a minimum.

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I hope this article gave you some inspiration and help on what photography projects you should try out.

Comment below your thoughts and let me know if you’ve given any of these projects a try!

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