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Instagram is an amazing platform to promote your photos and to get some inspiration for your next shot.

It has over 300 million users and that number looks like its set to rapidly increase.

This is a big, big number. But it gives you a great opportunity as a photographer to reach a new audience. This could help give you exposure and recognition and maybe even an increased income.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you are unsure what to do to best promote your work on Instagram, don’t worry.

Here are 5 amazing Instagram photography tips that will help you to up your photography game.

Instagram Photography Tips

Show off your best work

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First and foremost, think of Instagram as a kind of digital portfolio that can be viewed online, from the palm of your hand.

Just like you would with a regular portfolio, you would only put your best photos in there. It’s just common sense, right? No one wants to see unfinished work and I suggest you carry the same beliefs over to your Instagram profile.

Make sure that you are happy with the photos you are uploading and make sure your top 9 (most recent) photos are all of the highest quality.

These are the first photos that the viewer will see when they come across your Instagram profile and if they see poor quality pictures they are going to immediately leave your profile. This is not what you want.

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When you upload a photo, make sure you are happy with it and think about how other people would view it and what they would think of the photo. By doing this quality control you will create a more coherent and attractive feed that will gain you more followers.

Niche Down If You Can

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First and foremost, regardless of whether you use Instagram or not, this is important to your growth as a photographer.

Niching down when possible is a great way to define your brand and to identify what makes you stand out from the competition.

Do you take landscape photography? Urban photography? Portrait photography? Night photography?

These are just a few of the ways in which you can niche down.

When you niche down on Instagram you are also narrowing your audience’s focus. This means followers will follow you not just because you are a good photographer but also because of the fact that you specialise in a certain type of photography.

This will make your fan base more engaged and supportive of you as they will be following you for a specific, targeted purpose.

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Make sure you keep this up consistently and soon you will have a nice fanbase of supporters who will like and support your posts.

Create a Separate Instagram Account For Your Photography

This is one thing that many Instagram photographers forget to do and I strongly suggest you do this for a few reasons:

  • Safety reasons: If you are selling photography services as part of your photography business, you can keep your personal details and information on your personal account separate from your business account
  • Instagram Feed: It would look confusing if you were to put personal pictures of family, friends and pets on the same feed as your photos. Your followers will get a more consistent experience if you put all your photography onto a separate account
  • Business Account Features: By creating a separate account and turning that into a business account, your photography Instagram page will have extra features you can use. These features will help you to reach new people and get more likes and comments on your photos. For example, you can see how many views you get and for which hashtags you are receiving the most traffic.

Overall, it will result in a better experience for your followers and they will then want to see more of your photos. Consistency is key and it is important you apply these same principles to your Instagram photography feed.

Remember, create a second account for your photography!

Follow Only Photographers On Your Instagram Account

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Another way to keep consistent is to only follow photographers on your second account. This way you won’t get distracted or procrastinate when you follow meme pages and such. Keep personal pages and family and friend account for your personal Instagram account only.

Not only will this help you to stay focused and consistent but it will also help you to stay creative and inspired. By looking at these photos it will help you to stay motivated and who knows, it may even help to influence your future photos.

You can also use these pages to observe what other photographers are doing and why. By implementing some of these ideas on your own pictures you will no doubt grow and improve as a photographer.

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Trust me, this will be very helpful to you and it will help to keep yourself in check and focused on the task in hand, which is improving your photography, not procrastinating.

Share a Story With Your Photography

Great photography definitely leaves an impression. Writing a great story to go along with this makes the image even more powerful.

By writing a short story in the Instagram caption of the image you will be better connecting with your audience. It will help to give them some insight into what happened before taking the photo and the key factors surrounding it.

It can also be a great way to spread awareness of a key issue that you believe in and it can be a great way to help your audience better understand you.

Remember that nobody expects a grammatically correct written masterpiece however you should make sure that you use the limited caption space in the best way possible to get your message across properly and clearly.

I hope this article gave you some handy tips on how to up your Instagram game. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

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